Women, Sex, Power, Love, Men, Politics & Narrative Reframing

The Author

THE AUTHOR TEXT INSERTS HERES (such as…) Writer, former actress, librarian, waitress, hostess, coat check girl (@ Studio 54, no less), landlord and local politician (yup, all of those, and not in order of importance, among other occasional occupations), Moj Miller – a.k.a. Prunella Porter – lives in rural upstate New York with a large furry animal/dog (Diego) nicknamed ‘My Little Pony’, and yes, he’s that big.

Marjorie Miller in real life, Moj identifies as a feminist, a nerd (especially where politics, gubbmint, old movies and the theatre are concerned), a creator, and a ‘spark’ – one who presses buttons simply – it seems – by existing and worse yet by having and expressing opinions contrary to male and/or conventional wisdom. Oops! She values independence, her friends as family, and time alone above almost everything else. If you are reading this, you may have been invited to participate in ‘The First Time’ project, which is an attempt to create community, conversation, and change regarding the ancient male narratives around the concept of virginity. I don’t recall and cannot find who said it, but, to paraphrase, I read once re: virginity that it is ‘a concept created entirely by men, who think their penises are so important that contact with one (or more) fundamentally changes who women are’. I began this project because I am 100% bored stiff by reading books, seeing films, and watching television shows that are about the male sexual experience, specifically their (overwhelmingly white men and boys) initiation to sex. Enough already. BORING. And, very often deeply sexist. So, with your help, and input, let’s change that, eh? And, that’s JUST for starters…