*or better yet, none at all.

The New Ten Commandments – 2023 Version (because we fucking need new, updated commandments, brother fuckers)

1. Everything begins and ends with the Self. No outside force or person is above you, or below you; you contain the universe in each and every cell in your own body. And, you are governed by your thoughts. Control your thoughts, control your life. Remembering that ‘Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind’. – Ralph Waldo Emerson or, to put it more succinctly, per Rene Descartes: Cogito ergo sum, which in French is ‘Je pense, donc je suis.’ In English, ‘I think therefore I am.’ You do not need anyone to do your thinking for you. Read, FFS, get off the internet, and stop giving away your power to priests, ministers, pastors, rabbis, and a shit ton of other false money hungry dick-wad so-called prophets. Take all leaders, all persons in positions of authority, with a healthy grain of salt. Trust, yet verify. That’s Ronald Reagan, and I can’t believe I just quoted that old fuck.

2. Honor yourself, and then, and only then, honor your neighbor as if she were yourself. In simpler terms, be kind, forgiving, tolerant, and compassionate with yourself, and with all other beings, but especially yourself, and then, if you can do that, extend yourself to your neighbors. How can we have peace on earth if we cannot first get along with ourselves, and then, get along with our neighbors? We can’t. So be nice already, brother fuckers.

3. Don’t kill other people, and don’t kill animals or bugs or whatever else living that’s around you either, and if you must eat meat, try to minimize your consumption, because meat production is one major item on ‘the killing our planet’ list. And try to stop being such pigs. JHFC. Americans are fat. I include myself in that, so don’t get all self-righteous on my cottage cheese ass.

4. Do not – hear me now – do not perpetuate or in any way use violence in the home, or outside it. This includes keeping your fucking hands off your children, your husbands and wives and girlfriends or boyfriends, your parents, grandparents, cousins, siblings, and FFS keep your fucking hands off of other people’s children. This prohibition includes all forms of domestic violence, including emotional and psychological violence.

5. Stop participating in, supporting, or in any way committing state sanctioned violence, a.k.a. war. War is evil, and unnecessary. Here’s an idea: let’s turn arms manufactories into toy and playground equipment manufacturers, into medical equipment manufacturers, into construction parts manufacturers. 70% of the weapons used in Mexico are sold, trafficked, stolen, traded, or otherwise procured in the U.S. Arms sales are a multi-billion-dollar business, and the five largest arms manufacturers are in the U.S., Great Britain, France, Germany and Russia, and people all over the world, but particularly in the so-called 3rd world, are dying because other, incredibly sucky people in the so-called developed world, are greedy and don’t give a flying fuck about anything except profit.

6. Do not fuck, molest, or in any other way mess with other people’s children, or your own, and that includes teenagers and those in their 20s who are not yet fully emotionally or psychologically grown. Stop abusing and taking advantage of youth, ignorance, and opportunity. Treat all children to the age of 25 like goddamned babies, because – in effect – that’s what they are.

7. Don’t steal shit, especially from children and the elderly.

8. If you must fuck around (and you know you will, or that you really, really, want to), at least be honest about it.

9. Don’t be an asshole to those who are not like you. This is an extension of being kind to your neighbors. Not everyone sees the world as you do, or has the same experiences. Don’t be a dick to those who are different, and that includes people who don’t look like, live like, or fuck like you. Respect other people, even those whose beliefs and actions make you want to puke in your shoes. I’m looking at you, Evangelical Christians, so think about it, and I’ll think about how your crazy-ass beliefs make me want to puke in my shoes.

10. Do not make, create, or in any way propagate laws, policies, blogs, articles, or ANY form of written or spoken words that seek to minimize the bodily autonomy of women and girls. Just don’t.

Moj has spoken. Now go, and be nice, brother fuckers.