Dog Day Friday

Dog Day Friday

Diego Lou Miller doesn’t like the heat, and neither does his momma, It’s wunnderful when you and your BFF share the same innerests and tastes, idn’t it? TGIF.

Diego, Diego, Diego

*Dogs never bite me – just humans. ~ Marilyn Monroe

He needs a haircut, don’t you agree? He’s not easy to catch in a still or semi-still moment for photos, believe me, and cutting his hair is a two-person job. 

Diego, it turns out, is a Spanish form of the English name James and has the same meaning, which is “supplanter”. It is also associated with the Spanish word for “Saint”, which is “Santo” – all of which is hilarious for a number of reasons, one of which is that he ain’t no saint, but he sure is a supplanter, having replaced and upended my perviously peaceful life with a heckin’ load of work, chaos, outdoor time, and fun. 

This next photo is Diego in his favorite awake spot inside the house, by the French doors where he can supervise the movement of various birds, the woodchuck that lives in the stone wall, and my neighbors. This photo also almost, almost captures the length of his lil leggums, which ain’t lil, a’tall. Sigh. 90 pounds of pure furry love!

Dog Day Morning…

Diego Lou Mueller saying hello, and where’s my treat? His mummy so overdid it yesterday, mowing the lawn, weeding, shoveling material around the house to slow the (constant seeming) rain water, picking up woody debris, chasing a stray pup-ster who did not (understandably) want to go back inside, that she can hardly move today, and has decided to take a day off, sit in her very comfy chair and read a book, maybe even binge-watch something good on the boob tube. You’d be surprised by how many films and TV shows contain dogs and horses, my favorites! Which, if I am awake, I watch and even bark at from the end of the sofa I have commandeered from mummy because – well, because. Right now as mummy writes this I am barking at the vehicles that are running up and down my road due to it being turkey hunting season here, gobblers only, until noon. Mummy wishes they would all go away, or, conversely, that I would shut TF (I’m not sure what THAT means!) up. I love her. Whoops, another truck! Buh-bye!